Catholic Church

St. Anthony of Padua

Altar Society

Anyone wishing to join our organization is welcome. Active and inactive memberships are available. Dues are Single $5.00; Couple $6.00; Family $8.00. Dues for the coming year will be collected in January. The societies monies come from dues, sanctuary lamp, donations, and if we need additional funds, we have bakes sales and/or dinners. You may purchase a sanctuary lamp in memory of deceased loved ones for a week. The cost is $3.00.

The purpose of the Altar Society is to take care of the altar requirements. Some responsibilities include:
  1. Clean and press altar linens
  2. Polish candlesticks for special occasions
  3. Purchase the host
  4. Prepare the repository altar for Holy Thursday
  5. Decorate the altar when necessary
  6. Send parishioners sympathy or get-well cards if in the hospital
  7. Help other church organizations as needed

Every Thursday from 1PM till 2PM we spend an hour in the adoration chapel praying a Rosary and praying for those in our parish who are sick, the dying and for the problems of the community.