Sacraments 101:


Why we're confirmed?

by Busted Halo


What time is class?

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Do I have to attend all events?

Attendance at all events is mandatory. Because we have much less time this year to get ready, you need to attend everything. In addition to the classes, you must also attend the retreat, Life Chain, and Mass with  your sponsors on a special day in October. We know... we know... life happens... We are asking you to share just a few Sundays with us so that we can help prepare you for this amazing sacrament. But you won't always come alone! We will ask you sponsor to attend some events with you. This will allow you to spend some awesome quality time with your sponsor while growing in faith together.

What if I'm running just a little late?

If you are late to any event, the Attendance Coordinator will contact you immediately. Your team leaders are amazing people. Please try to contact one of them prior to an event if you feel you will be late or absent.

We look forward to sharing this journey with you!


Catholic Church

St. Anthony of Padua