Catholic Church

St. Anthony of Padua

In response to last year’s Year of Family and the growing needs of our church parish, I met with the FOCCUS couples who have been helping us prepare young couples for marriage to introduce them to their expanded ministries at our church community. From now on, our FOCCUS Couples will assist Deacon Brent and I in our ministry in three areas, viz. (1) marriage preparations, (2) baptismal instructions, and (3) follow up on the couples who are not married in the Church. Aside from helping us in these three areas, the assigned FOCCUS Couple will also follow on each couple or family they worked with for a whole year after the initial contact. They will also assist either the newly married, the parents with a newly baptized, or those who would like to have their marriage blessed (validated) in the Church, and get connected with our church ministries and services. While Deacon Brent and I will celebrate and officiate the sacraments for these people, our FOCCUS Couples will act as their mentors and connectors to the entire community. I would like to thank our FOCCUS Couples for their willingness to help us in these ministries and they are Deacon Brent and Roxanne Bergeron, James and Pamela Bonvillain, Greg and Lea Borne, Bobby and Angi Charpentier, Mike and Pam Folse. I am also grateful to our KC Council for their generous support to our expanded ministries to the married, new families and extended families. --Father Vic

"Pre-marriage sessions offer a unique opportunity to celebrate a couple's strengths, practice positive communication skills, and explore important areas that may present problems later." (

FOCCUS is a marriage preparation ministry and stands for Facilitate Open Caring Communication, Understanding and Study.