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St. Anthony of Padua


Thank you for your support of Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Houma-Thibodaux during the past year.  Our Catholic Charities Endowment continues making annual distributions to our programs in addition to the regular donations that we receive from our very generous donors.  We are distributing $51,000 in endowment earnings this year and we have received thousands more in your regular donations!

Our services range from Adoptions to the Foster Grandparent Program.  In 2017 we held Faith in Action meetings in two local churches as part of our participation in the Bread or Stones Campaign for child well-being.  In 2017 the St. Charles By-Pass drainage project, an effort to help a low-income community, was begun.  Also the Bridging the Bayous Timebank began in 2017; this project facilitates the sharing of services among individuals.  Part of the good news is that $.95 of every dollar was spent on programs.

If you know of an upcoming event in our parish that is NOT posted, here or on our Facebook page, please let us know by emailing the webmaster. Thanks!

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